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He had playoff battles with Allen Iverson, Reggie Miller and Jason Kidd. He played under Rick Pitino, Jim O’Brien and Doc Rivers. He starred on a fun squad that advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, fell back into the lottery when the roster was stripped down, and emerged as a champion once the Celtics acquired Garnett and Ray Allen in a single summer.

“They were just talking to him and he was thanking them and everything. That when he walked away and shot himself.”At Belcher mother home on Long Island, relatives declined to talk to reporters. A purple SUV in the home driveway was flying a small Kansas City Chiefs flag.Perkin Facebook page shows the couple smiling and holding the baby.Belcher is the latest among several players and NFL retirees to die from self inflicted gunshot wounds in the past couple of years.

The Abstract Athlete will spotlight the Balance of Art and Athletics with an Exhibition and Symposium featuring Professional Athletes and Military Veterans.A touring exhibition featuring world class athletes creating world class art is coming to Richmond 1708 Gallery on February 23, 2018. Military.Proceeds from the exhibition and symposium will go to charities selected by each of the athletes as part of the exhibition Art, My Cause charitable giving program.About the Event:Exhibit Opening: Friday, February 23rd at 6pm at 1708 GalleryPrivate Press Event: February 16, 2018 at 10am 12pm with limited slots available please contact The Abstract Athlete as soon as possible to reserve your spot.About the Exhibition:The Abstract Athlete exhibition inspires artists like sports heroes of days past. This exhibit focuses on creativity as exercise for the mind and promotes the idea of daily creative practice for everyone.The exhibit highlights work from a diverse roster of professional athletes, artists, and veterans making world class artwork in balance with physically rigorous athletic training or high stress careers.The gallery exhibit will feature artwork from:Vernon Davis NFLEJ Manuel NFLPercy King NFLAaron Maybin NFLLarry Sanders NBA / VCUBrett Tomko MLBHillary Werth US National teamJay Demerit US World Cup SoccerRidley Howard Artist / SoccerJoe Olney US Army VeteranAlicia Dietz US Army VeteranVeronique Sandler Mountain Bike Prowalls between artists and athletes, the world will suffer from a lack of creative thinkers, artists, and pioneers in self expression.

“It was in a hurricane. We should send our thoughts and prayers to those impacted by both Harvey and Irma,” he said. “We were down in Florida (in 2004) and had to postpone the game a day because of the hurricane. He made a mistake. He doing everything. And he got to follow through rectifying and doing everything the NFL is requiring him to do.

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