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Sean Payton needs to worry about penalties, turnovers, horrible third downs on offense and all the bad stuff, but as fans, can we just take a moment and breath in the fact the Saints got to 10 wins looking like my two year old son trying to drink soda out of a can. Both were a gigantic mess and only the ending was nice. For the Saints, it another victory.

At 20, Bowe went even farther afield in search of the kind of boy’s adventure that had mesmerized him for years: He decided to join the French Foreign Legion, the infantry force made up of foreigners who want “to start a new life,” as the legion’s recruiting website puts it. He traveled to Paris and started to learn French, but his application was rejected. “He was absolutely devastated when the French Foreign Legion didn’t take him,” Bob says.

ANALYSIS: With Weston Richburg heading to the 49ers, the Jets opted for Long over Ryan Jensen at center, as it became clear last season that Wesley Johnson (now a free agent) wasn’t a legit replacement option for Nick Mangold. Long is a cheaper option than Jensen, and can also play guard. But he isn’t as prominent of a center as Jensen, so there are no guarantees Long will be a long term answer for the Jets.

Miller said he believes Candlestick can capably host a playoff game. Local time. The public address system stopped working along with everything else, so team officials encouraged media to use Twitter to reach fans and encourage them to sit tight and not panic.

Get a clue Reed. The only thing I see as pathetic here is taking time to hate on the Hawks and their fans. Plagiarism is passing something off as your own by not crediting the true source. The Billy Goat Curse may be gone, but now the Cubs have to deal with the White Sox you can be awesome forever Curse. I don want my Cubbies to lose. But I also want to go to Wrigley Field without worrying that having a third beer could financially ruin me.

And then, we would go home to the reservation. What some people on the reservations refer to as modern day prison camps that were given to us after the United States whittled Indian land down to only nine reservations from the whole western half of South Dakota and parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota, which was the territory originally negotiated in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. The reservations broke up all the bands of the Sioux Nation; some say this was part of a campaign to weaken us..

There was no burning reason to know the answer. The thing is, I lay on the couch in my living room a lot. And when I’m there, I think a lot. Shula: His 328 wins remains the most in history and Shula accomplished something that Belichick couldn’t an undefeated season. Shula led the Colts to an NFL title and his Baltimore team lost to the Jets in the Super Bowl. From 1971 to 1974, Shula’s Dolphins won four AFC East titles and two Super Bowls.

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