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PICK THE SEAHAWKS HELMET, THE SEAHAWKS WILL WIN. EACH HELDMENT WAS STUFFED WITH OCTOPUS FOOD, SHRIMP. I TOLD THE PROCESS WAS FAIR. Poison Creek on the north end of the lake and Blue Heron on the south are reliably plowed access points. Otherwise, you might have to hike in through some snow or explore for a car friendly pulloff from which to launch your sleds. Gear wise, fish are hitting on perch colored lures tipped with worms, mealworms, Power Bait or cut bait.

It takes about one hour to burn off an average drink. Five ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer and one and one half ounces of liquor all contain about the same amount of alcohol. Keep watch on behavior. That came only several months after Owens helped McNabb have his best season, and then heroically returned from ankle surgery against doctor orders to play in the Super Bowl. Owens would been MVP of that game against the New England Patriots if McNabb didn throw three interceptions in the 24 21 loss. Circus in Philadelphia and the aftermath knows Owens wasn solely to blame for the way things went down.

Had to make a difficult decision and we are well aware of the awful circumstance that led to this move, said LSU Vice Chancellor and Director of AthleticsJoe Alleva. Storm is different, but we in Louisiana understand a little about what all of those in Harvey’s path are going through right now. It’s heartbreaking and our prayers go out to all who are impacted.

I think they would have a lot more in common with people like Michael Bennett and Colin Kaepernick than they do the people who stand on the sidelines and jeer and try to repress their dissent. So, I’d be shocked if Pat Tillman wasn’t out there taking a knee with these players because Pat cared about people who were exploited, people who were oppressed. He didn’t care so much about symbols.

Warner Bros. And Bud Light are “launch partners” with Snapchat’s 3D World Lenses AR feature, which has just been opened up to brands, TechCrunch reports. The website says both will use it in marketing campaigns. Zach Hirth, LS; 44. Henry McGrew, DE; 43. Dillan Cazley, DB; 42.

By Emanuella Grinberg and Lindsey Perna CNN(CNN) Uber driver Hadi Abdollahian thought he was signing up for a three hour drive to suburban Buffalo Grove, Illinois, when he picked up a passenger Sunday night at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.But the Iranian refugee didn’t think twice when he found out the actual destination was Buffalo, NEW YORK, some 500 miles and eight hours from Chicago. After all, the passenger told him it was an emergency: He had to work in the morning and he had missed his connecting flight. There was no other way to get there in time.”I’m a man of my words and if someone says it’s an emergency he really means it,” Abdollahian said.He would soon learn the passenger in his Nissan Altima was new Buffalo Bills player Shareece Wright, who was on his way to his first day of voluntary offseason practice.

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