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“That’s why we spend so much time now, trying to improve the rules, trying to improve the equipment, trying to talk about these protocols, trying to talk about these increased safety measures,” Mara said. “And we have to keep working at it. What we did 20 years ago or 30 years ago pales in comparison to what we’re doing now.

Even so, Herring agrees that the current crisis in the American banking system is so severe that a temporary nationalization of some banks serving as a kind of a bridge until new buyers can be located is probably necessary. Reason may lie in politics, and the aversion even among more liberal public officials to take steps that could be criticized as appearing One of those hesitant politicians appears to be President Barack Obama, who recently told ABC News he is wary of the Swedish model of bank nationalization because of the sheer size of America banking industry. Economy and the capital markets [is] so vast, and the problems in terms of managing and overseeing anything of that scale, would be so complex, Obama said, it would not make sense.

She was chosen the recipient of this honorable award out of an impressive pool of more than 500 athletes at the football procamp. “When I heard the football coaches call my name, I was shocked and super excited. Again, I couldn’t believe they called my name out of all of the athletes there,” added Arnone..

If you are traveling, there will be changing visibility and icy road conditions. Make sure to take it slow and stay safe. Our high temperatures on Christmas Day will be in the lower to mid 30s. Listening to Broward County Mayor Ben Graber talk about how he thinks the commission gets a bad rap for corruption is priceless. It’s not just local politics, though. Capitol Update takes you to Tallahassee for the latest from that little cesspool of special interests.

She began her broadcast journalism career as an instructor, reporter and television anchor in Okinawa, Japan before returning to Baton Rouge where she was a reporter and morning news anchor at WAFB TV.Jean comes to WAVE 3 News as a veteran journalist recognized as the Most Admired Woman in Media by Today Woman Magazine and the recipient of the prestigious Tower Award for Women Leaders in Media from Presentation Academy among many other honors. Her community involvement in Kentuckiana spans several decades while serving on numerous committees and leadership boards for the University of Louisville, the Junior League and the Governor Commission on Health.Jean West will begin anchoring WAVE 3 News Sunrise along with Meteorologist Christie Dutton and Traffic Reporter Chris McGill on Monday, August 16, 2010.WAVE TV is owned by Raycom Media, Inc., an employee owned company which is now one of the nation largest broadcasters. Currently the company owns and/or operates 42 television stations in 18 states.

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