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A sideline concussion evaluation is not considered sufficient under those circumstances.The changes came in conjunction with a decision not to punish the Houston Texans for their handling of a concussion suffered by quarterback Tom Savage. The Seattle Seahawks were fined $100,000 by the NFL last month for their handling of a concussion evaluation of quarterback Russell Wilson after the league and players’ union determined that the protocols had not been followed properly in that case.The Panthers’ handling Sunday of Newton’s injury drew criticism by Chris Nowinski, the founding CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation.”I cannot believe the NFL blew their new concussion protocol in the 2nd week with Cam Newton,” Nowinski wrote on Twitter. “Heads need to roll, and I’m not talking about the helpless concussed players who are receiving negligent medical care[.]”.

Thursday Night Football debuted about a decade ago as a way for providing more game content for the NFL Network, generate higher fees from cable and satellite providers. Also, clean up the thud image of too many of the players. Whether they care or not, they are role models.

She celebrated her 30th birthday in Mauritius with 10 friends. A recount later revealed the island nation in the Indian Ocean was actually number 201; she had reached her goal several days earlier in Seychelles. Her international background led to several passport stamps before she became a teenager.

This year marks the first time Tech has had more than two players leave school early for the NFL draft. The last time Tech had multiple players depart was in 2012, when running back David Wilson and cornerback Jayron Hosley both left after their junior seasons. Wilson was chosen by the New York Giants in the first round, and Hosley went in the third round to the Giants..

Imagine being punched in the face by a 218 pound National Football League player. Then imagine him dragging your unconscious body out of an elevator and dropping your face against the marble floor, all captured by hotel security cameras. Then try to imagine the footage from those cameras being released into cyberspace allowing everyone to replay the moment when you lay unconscious, half dressed, on the floor, as your attacker stood over you, poking at your motionless body..

NFL Hall of Famer and Buffalo Bill Quarterback Jim Kelly announces that the Buffalo Bills selects Florida State defensive back Ronald Darby as the 50th pick in the second round of the 2015 NFL Football Draft, Friday, May 1, 2015, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)The legendary former players were on hand to announce the second round selections for the Bills and Bears, respectively. Kelly’s appearance was spell binding, and after a lengthy standing ovation, he told the audience that he is cancer free..

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