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“It just shows that the Seahawks are willing to give people a chance to show what they can do,” McNeil said. “It’s definitely encouraging. At the end of the day, I know the reason they brought me here is for what I can do. But the DPI rule not going to change. It a fun game. We like to see points being scored.

Quarterback Ken Stabler (12) of the Oakland Raiders gets off his pass behind perfect protection, as his team completes another touchdown en route to a 32 14 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, during Super Bowl XI in Pasadena, Calif. On January 9, 1977. At extreme right is Viking defender Carl Eller (81), kept outside by Raiders tackle John Vella (75).

Until midway through this season, nothing Heath Sherman did seemed much of a big deal, save for an occasional touchdown, or the more than occasional fumble. Though he rushed for 685 yards in 1990, he slipped to 279 last season, then seemingly out of long term plans. With the Eagles drafting runners Siran Stacy and Tony Brooks in the upper rounds, then spending $1.3 million for Herschel Walker, Sherman could have retreated to his Texas ranch and few Eagles’ supporters would have noticed he was missing..

Jody: I don get shelter, I gonna fade away. The rape and murder line is kind of a toughie. Live, I probably change it to The song is really a lesson. Are proud to be a part of this state of the art facility. It been the perfect place to showcase our Matrix Turf with Helix Technology and the work we do. Construction contract with the Dallas Cowboys and AT Stadium has recently been renewed for another 10 years, naming Hellas as the Official Turf Provider of the Dallas Cowboys.

Dr. Taunton: The primary symptoms are swelling, pain and tenderness just below the knee over the shin bone, and there is pain to hop or to kneel. This is reflective of the prominence of the tibial tubercle, meaning the tubercle will be larger and can have some overlying swelling.

Al Gore did An Inconvenient Truth, before other companies had gone green, he was talking about this stuff. Jeff likes to say that, is green. What we doing isn charitable. Who was that dark clad, 61 year old man racing down the Vikings sideline on third and goal with 7:30 left in the first half? None other than Vikings coach Mike Zimmer. With the play clock near zero, Zimmer was trying to get the referee attention so he could call timeout. Fortunately for the Vikings, Zimmer was too slow.

I am literally typing the answers to these questions with one hand and editing with the other, so the situation is fluid right now. Ask me again in a couple months. The biggest challenge in terms of cuts right now is the running time. It at Lincoln Financial Field. It going to be cold. It likely to be windy.

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