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Secretary Lisa Coleman speaks to the Zoning Board of Appeals during the hearing to determine the fate of the Westminster Rod Gun Club on Thursday, April 20, 2017. After more than 100 years of operation, the Westminster Rod and Gun Club has been sent a letter from the town’s building commissioner ordering it to cease all operations following complaints from neighbors of increased firearms use. SENTINEL ENTERPRISE / Ashley Green.

M. Kuehner Schweizer, class of 1990 and chief of EMS Field Operations in the Philadelphia Fire Department, will receive the award for Government Service. Chief Schweizer is the first female chief in the department 271 year history. I am waiting to see if Davey is as sharp, as everyone thinks he is! By whacking RR this year, he has stuck his finger in the collective eyes of this team. And I can tell you there are alot of upset kids over at Schembechler Hall! And if Davey picks the guy, UM will be set back,(un necessarily), 3 to 4 years. The knock on Troy Smith was that he was too small.

20th September 2013Fact: Eminem’s childhood home in Michigan, which featured on the front cover of his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers Lp, has been put on the auction block. The abandoned property is currently owned by the Michigan Land Bank. Cable sports channel Espn’s college football coverage on Saturday night (07Sep13) when he joined pundits Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit for a quick chat during the Notre Dame vs.

An MRI exam Friday for the NBA Finals MVP revealed the incomplete fracture, and the Warriors said Durant would be re evaluated in two weeks. Durant said he got hit in the ribs at Minnesota last Sunday and initially thought it was just a bruise, but he was sore the next couple of days. He played Wednesday night against the Lakers and felt it again when he hustled to close out on the wing and “felt something stretch and pull.”.

Is all part of the process, he said. Just another step in the process. We going to remember how we feel as a football team because we plan on being back in this situation and we want to remember how this feels. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit largely upheld a lower court decision to dismiss a case involving Kevin Ross, a former basketball player at Creighton University who sued the school for negligence and breach of contract for failing to educate him. Agree indeed we emphasize that courts should not on the job of supervising the relationship between colleges and student athletes or creating in effect a new relationship between them, the judges wrote. Courts are reluctant to judge the quality of a student education, because of educations are not uniform.

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