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The Seahawks have a decent foundation to build around with Frank Clark, Quinton Jefferson, Nazair Jones and Jarran Reed. They should bring back Dion Jordan after the former first round pick performance once he became healthy. Bennett could return, but if so should take on less of a load.

I thought the Bears deserved holding calls on each of the plays Gruden referred to as “ticky tack.” Wide receiver Markus Wheaton had a grab of the jersey on the shoulder of Vikings nickel back Mackensie Alexander and it happened at the point of attack. Ticky tack or poor blocking? I can guarantee you the Bears would admit it was poor blocking. I am also pretty sure if the Vikings had a long touchdown run wiped out by a penalty, most Bears fans would not be complaining about the delay in action.

After the house lights went up, their helmets went on.There were no surprises.Commissioner Roger Goodell said the goal of the redesign was to combine “tradition with innovation.””Some teams will lean more toward the traditions,” Goodell said. “But you can see here you can put innovation into the uniform without changing the look, necessarily, about it.”In college football, flashy uniforms, with non traditional colors and patterns are all the rage these days. Oregon, the alma mater of Nike founder Phil Knight, has made the cutting edge some would say over the edge look its calling card.

If you’re white you have no right to respect Dr. King, you’re just a racist. If you’re white you have no right to object to football players taking a knee, you’re a racist. What happened to Coughlin last week was just as much the fault of the NFL as it was his error. Yes, Colts QB Andrew Luck hurriedly threw what proved to be a touchdown pass. And, yes, many Giants defenders on the field were anticipating the game stopping because Coughlin was going to challenge the previous Colts’ pass completion by throwing his red “challenge flag.” Unfortunately, Coughlin keeps his flag stuffed in one of his socks and couldn’t get it out in time..

“While we do not go into the details of all the security measures in place at our games, many aspects of our security plans are obvious to fans,” team officials said. “Examples include the clear bag policy, use of magnetometers as fans approach the stadium, and K 9 searches. Other aspects of security may be less obvious.”.

The participating NFL executives can rotate on a yearly basis, and remain anonymous. ALL eligible players are reviewed and voted on by the committee members. Each athlete receiving the necessary number of votes, by position, is then extended an invitation.

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